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The Most Common Reasons for Callouts

Have you ever had a period of a few minutes where you’re certain you’ve lost your keys? This could be at home, where you’re ready to leave for a busy day but you can’t find your keys anywhere. Or maybe you’re at work or on a day out, and you realise that they aren’t in your pocket or bag as expected. In many cases, you will avoid the need for a replacement car key by finding your original in an unexpected place. However, this is still one of the most common reasons why people in Sevenoaks and Kent call our auto locksmiths.

Of course, other situations arise frequently too, such as having keys locked in a car or van. But whatever your emergency car key replacement, or van key replacement, needs, you can rely on Kent Auto Keys for a fast, fair and effective solution.

Below, we have looked at some of the most frequent situations that result in motorists calling us for assistance.

Reasons to Call Our Auto Locksmiths

You’ve Lost Your Keys

As touched on above, lost keys are a frequent occurrence. And while many people will eventually find them again, that’s not always the case. If you’re out of the house, we advise retracing your steps, paying careful attention to the ground and any surfaces. You may find you have dropped your keys or unconsciously misplaced them. If you’ve been in places like shops or cafés, ask staff if anyone has handed in your key.

If you’re at home, check clothes or bags used the previous day, as you may have just left your keys in a pocket or pouch. If you still can’t find them after looking high and low, contact Kent Auto Keys. What’s more, if you aren’t at home, return to your vehicle. There’s a minor chance that someone has found or stolen your keys and may try to use it.

Upon arrival, our auto locksmiths provide the complete replacement car key (and van key replacement) service.

Keys Locked in Car

The moment of realisation that you’ve locked your keys in the car is especially unpleasant. It often happens when packing the boot with shopping, camping supplies or sporting equipment. But it can also occur when getting your young children out of the car. Whatever your circumstances in Sevenoaks or the surrounding areas, Kent Auto Keys can help.

In addition to emergency car key replacement, our team excels at non-destructive vehicle entry. Put simply, we use specialist equipment to access your car, but without causing any damage to it.

No replacement car key, no calls for vehicle recovery. Just a quick, simple service that gets you back on the road again.

Broken or Damaged Keys

Keys for cars and vans are more varied than ever. Unfortunately, this means they can break in multiple ways too. First, there’s the more “traditional” damage, which covers the key blade. When attending to emergency car key replacement needs like this, the situation usually involves a bent blade or, even worse, a blade snapping off in the lock.

Modern keys, or remotes, use a transponder for unlocking vehicles. Of course, if this component breaks, you can’t use it to unlock your car.

In many respects, having a broken or damaged key is much the same as keys locked in your car – the only real solution is to call an auto locksmith. You can rest assured, if you need a replacement car key, or van key replacement, in Sevenoaks, our time-served team can help. We work with all types of keys from practically every vehicle manufacturer on the road today.

Call 07469 392775 to speak with one of our auto locksmiths about replacement car keys and van keys in Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas.